How Garlic is beneficial in Cold and Flu?

There are numbers of health benefits of garlic have been identified by the researchers that can be admired by anyone. Garlic can be recommended in numerous sorts of diseases but it is especially recommended to treat cold and flu disease. Garlic does exist everywhere and can be found anywhere throughout the world. It is a very essential natural ingredient for the kitchen because it increases the relish of foods.garlic-for-coldThere are numbers of substantial evidences do exit that supports garlic as a great healer for cold and flu.  It has properties such as alliin and allicin and allcin holds the power of sulfur that provides garlic its smell and test. All these components give your body strength to fight from cold and flu caused by the different virus. It also helps in increasing white blood cells that can help a patient to fight better from cold and flu. Not only it has alliin and allicin but it also contains vitamin B6, vitamin C and magnesia that have good effect in the the treatment of garlic. Garlic also carried antibacterial and antiviral properties that helps in boosting the immune system as well as kills the flu causing viruses. These properties enables a cold and flu patient to diminish the outbreaks and shorten the recovery process.

garlics-health-benefitsA study has conducted by the experts on a group of 146 healthy people. The experts give either raw garlic or placebo garlic supplement to the specific numbers of healthy people for 3 month. The people who had given garlic reduced their chances of suffering from cold and flu by 63 per cent and their suffering time also has reduced by 70 per cent. Many researchers also agreed that garlic can be also consumed by the patient to reduce the severity of the congestion occurred by the cold sore and flu.

However, too much garlic can lead to the emergence of certain kinds of issues but taking it in a limited way can effectively assist you to fight from cold sore. There are numbers of ways exist that can be used by the people to take in their body. However, for getting a better result of Garlic the people should go for the raw garlic. Cooking garlic in any manner eliminates the allicin from garlic so, if you want not to skip any types of pros of garlic then it is better not to cook and eat it in its raw form.

How Garlic is beneficial in Cold and Flu?
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How Garlic is beneficial in Cold and Flu?
There are a lot of health benefits of garlic. It is one of the best remedies for cold and flu. The people who had given garlic reduced their chances of suffering from cold and flu by up to 70%. Garlic plays a huge role in increasing your immunity.

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