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All the ways you can use garlic for bronchitis

We take air through bronchial tubes. Bronchial tubes connect nose and mouth to the lungs. When there is an infection or swelling in the bronchial tubes, the infected person will go through cold or flu. If that person is lucky, he will get rid of this in a couple of weeks. And in unlucky cases, the person might develop bronchitis. There are many home remedies which help us to get rid of this disease and garlic is one of them. Let us know what bronchitis is and its effects.


BronchitisBronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes and results in the gel-like mucus; as a result, there will be narrowing of the path of air blow to the lungs. All this will make it harder for you to breathe. Bronchitis should not be neglected because it is highly contagious, and should be treated as soon as possible. This disease causes a lot of problems and discomfort and takes from three weeks to almost two years to leave you completely. Bronchitis has two types named as acute and chronic bronchitis.

Types of Bronchitis:

Acute bronchitis -: This is not a serious a problem. It usually gives cold or viral infection like the flu. It remains for a couple of weeks. Bronchitis..

Chronic bronchitis -: Environmental factors or extended illness is mainly responsible for chronic bronchitis which is a very serious problem in long term. Chronic bronchitis stays with you for almost three months to two years. This bronchitis illness results in a mucus-producing cough which is very harmful to the respiratory system. If chronic bronchitis occurs with emphysema, you should consult with a doctor because it can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). One point is worth to be noted that chronic bronchitis starts from simple cold or flu. Let us have a look at the causes of bronchitis.


Some main causes of bronchitis are:

Causes of Bronchitis When you are working at coal mining, around farm animals, your skin gets exposed to certain gases or fumes which result in bronchitis problem.

  • Exposure to heavy amounts of secondhand smoke and pollution. Smoking is the main cause of COPD. The more a person smokes, the more likely he/she will develop COPD. But some people smoke for years and never get COPD. This all depends on the immune system.
  • Frequent use of a cooking fire without proper ventilation
  • You have heartburn which can cause stomach acids to enter into your bronchial tubes.
  • When there are bacteria, germ or virus in your bronchitis tube, your immune system becomes weak by fighting these foreign particles, and then even a cold can convert into bronchitis.


Bronchitis symptoms grow slowly so people get to know later about their health condition.  Some symptoms of bronchitis are listed below.symptoms of bronchitis

  1. When your chest feels full or clogged, it will result in a cough, with or without mucus. A cough that may bring up a lot of mucus that’s clear, white, yellow, or green.
  2. A wheezing or a whistling sound when you breathe
  3. Fatigue
  4. Many respiratory infections
  5. Shortness of breath (dyspnea) that gets worse with mild activity.


garlic-cloves-You all are might be familiar with garlic and its properties. Yet we want to add some points about garlic. Garlic comes from the family of onion genus. The scientific name of garlic is Allium sativum. We are using garlic as a food flavoring and a traditional medicine since ages. Garlic is used all over the world and their production is very easy. It is very helpful in bronchitis.

Garlic has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties because of which garlic is very beneficial in curing bronchitis. These properties fight against harmful bacteria and virus respectively that cause bronchial inflammation.

How to use garlic:

garlic for bronchitisThere are various methods to take garlic in the treatment of a number of diseases including bronchitis. You can take garlic with some milk. You have to crush two or three cloves of fresh garlic. Put these in half a liter of milk and then boiled milk for about five minutes. Drink this milk for a couple of nights. you will get amazing results.

There are various medicines that help in curing bronchitis. But it is always safe to use natural home remedies. If you are using antiviral, antibacterial medicines to treat your diseases like bronchitis, they can produce several side effects. But, if you are using Natural home remedies like garlic to cure your bronchitis problem, it never causes any side effects. So we always recommend the natural products to get rid of any diseases including bronchitis. So take care and be happy.

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