Garlic truly deserves the title of super food. If you simply want to increase the disease fighting power of food, add taste to it without compromising with the health factor and also have nutrition while avoiding calories, just add garlic to your diet. One garlic clove can do all this for you and much more. Some of you might be aware of the fact that garlic is a healthy food to eat, but do you know 50 health benefits of garlic. Yes, not just one or two but today we will tell you 50 health benefits of garlic.

1. Treatment for acnegarlic-for-acne

Acne is not a health ailment, and also it is not life threatening but surely it is confidence threatening and beauty stealer. You can apply garlic paste on the skin affected by pimples to clear them up fast without leaving any scars.

2. Balanced cholesterol levels

High levels of cholesterol are inevitable due to drastically unhealthy food habits and busy life style. We cannot do the changes overnight but to help our body a bit we can add garlic to our diet in some form.

garlic-for-hair-loss3. Heals hair loss

Irrespective of your gender and to some extent age also, hair loss can occur to anyone anytime. It is a gradual process but when you realize something is wrong with your lovely hair, you might have gone half bald. Apply oil after boiling garlic cloves in it for a few minutes at least once a week in order to avoid this embarrassment.

4. It cures erectile dysfunction

ED is a problem of almost 30 million men in the United States. The reason behind this sexual problem is very commonly experienced fatigue, anxiety and pressure. You cannot completely eliminate these from your life as they are very normal. What you can do is grab some garlic cloves and add them to your daily diet to prevent this kind of a situation.

5. Treats high blood pressureBlood pressure measuring studio shot

High blood pressure is something more serious than acne etc and hence you need to act immediately to avoid complications. Having garlic cloves in raw form regularly can treat the problem of high blood pressure.

6.  Garlic cures candidiasis infection

Candidiasis is caused by yeast and garlic can kill yeast instantly. Although it will literally burn the tender skin of vagina, but the pain you bear would be at the cost of clearing the infection instantly.

garlic-for-common-cold7. Deals with common cold

Very common yet annoying, common cold becomes a trend with change in season. It also is not life threatening but will not allow you to work with full efficiency for almost a week if you leave it untreated. Eat garlic cloves to get rid of the problem in just a couple of days.

8. Garlic as iron metabolism enhancer

If you are suffering from iron deficiency despite of taking high dosage of iron, there can be some problem in iron metabolism. You can enhance iron metabolism of your body by taking garlic in moderate amount.

9. Stamina enhancementgarlic-for-stamina-enhancement

If you feel tired all the time and cannot work much even after a full night sleep, there is some problem in your stamina. By having garlic in any form you can elevate the energy levels and work regularly for more time.

10. Remedy for fatigue and weakness

Fatigue is the situation when you are tires even when you are not doing much work. In fact you can get tired while you are doing absolutely nothing. The reason behind this generally is weakness and you can treat this by start taking garlic.

11. Antibiotic properties in garlicantibiotic-properties-in-garlic

Allicin found in crushed and raw form of garlic is the compound that makes garlic an excellent antibiotic. In several studies it has been proved that garlic can be a replacement to artificially synthesized antibiotics.

12. Treatment for earache

Take three to four garlic cloves and boil them in two tablespoons of mustard oil. Keep on boiling until the cloves turn blackish in color. Once this stage is achieved strain out the garlic cloves and let the oil cool down to lukewarm. When it is bearably hot pour a few drops into the infected ear and let it do its work.


13. Strengthens bonesgarlic-for-strengthens-bones

Bones also are the pillars on which our body stands, and hence their health is as important as it is for any other part of our body. With age you certainly start suffering from some problem of bones. To avoid this you incorporate some amount of garlic in your diet and ensure proper health of bones.

14. Relieves intermittent claudication

Generally due to extensive workout an artery is obstructed and you start experiencing cramping pain in the leg. You can either do a massage with oil heated in garlic cloves or apply garlic paste on your leg to get instant relief.

garlic-helps-in-hand-in-psoriasis15. Helping hand in psoriasis

If you are not very strong, trust me Psoriasis is something that can completely devastate your self esteem and you gradually start hating up yourself. If something good is left, it will be taken away by the lots of ineffective medicines. Try to stay away from the expensive bundles of medicines and rely on garlic for this skin condition too.

16.  Garlic in Athlete’s foot

You can also swab the affected area with garlic juice twice a day. If your toenail appears to have the fungus, use this recipe: Crush 1 clove of garlic and mix it with a few drops of olive oil to make a paste. Apply to the nail and leave on for 15 to 30 minutes, and then rub it off in warm, soapy water.

17. Garlic is helpful in depressiongarlic-helps-in-depression

Once you are diagnosed with depression and you have also accepted the fact, you look for remedial measure and medications. One alternative treatment for depression is garlic. Garlic has a direct reach to your brain and hence eating garlic is beneficial for all depression patients.

18. Manages diabetes symptoms

Garlic is effective in diabetes, particularly in type 2 diabetes. This is a very famous natural remedy for managing the symptoms of diabetes which thousands of diabetic patients are using currently.

anti-fungal-effect19. Anti fungal effect of garlic

Garlic contains ajoene which is responsible for its antifungal action. Ajoene is a proven antifungal that can effectively kill many fungal strains. Hence you can always kill fungus growing anywhere on your body with garlic.

20. Garlic treats ear infection

Garlic has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that can help in quickly healing the ear infection and relieving severe pain. It does not allow the bacteria to survive in your ear thereby stopping further growth of infection.

21. Dental problem’s solution- Garlicdental-problems-solution-garlic

With repeated application of garlic cloves in raw form you can treat dental problems like abscessed tooth. Garlic cloves are known to bring quick relief to a severe toothache resulting from an abscess infection.

22. Garlic while you loose weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is challenging in the world filled with junk food and sweet chocolates, but here also garlic is beneficial. You can maintain healthy weight without doing extensive dieting with the help of a few garlic cloves.

garlic-for-bug-bites23. Bug bites

A paste of mashed garlic can help make bug bites stop itching. Although it may hurt if the bite is severe but in future there would be no issue of itching or infection.

24. Garlic cures constipation

If you also have to wake up hours before your office time only because you have to spend considerable time in bathroom every morning, make sure you try garlic once.

25. An excellent infection treatmentgarlic-for-infection treatment

Whether bacteria are causing it or it is virus or fungus, garlic can deal with almost every type of infection single handedly.

26. Treating and preventing food poisoning

If last night you have eaten out and stomach is not able to digest it, try garlic. If you are regular eater of garlic then you are less likely to suffer from food poisoning from bad food.

garlic-for-arthritis27. Garlic in prevention of arthritis

Many arthritis patients opt for mainstream medicines, while all others treat there condition by staying a bit physically active and following a diet rich in garlic and other beneficial herbs.  You also can switch to the later one if you have arthritis.

28. Liver cleanser

We’re constantly consuming toxins, whether it is from drinks or food, and your liver is responsible for clearing these toxins out of your body. It hence becomes important to take care of your liver and garlic can help you do that.

29. Garlic is an excellent antiviralgarlics-health-benefits

Fresh garlic is a potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent. Try eating it raw to avail the benefits of this herb to the fullest.

30. Treatment for cough in winters

Garlic is one of the best natural home remedies to treat acute cases of cough as well as common cold where even breathing becomes painful. The small garlic clove has loads of antiviral and antibiotic properties in it, which makes it suitable cure for cough.

31. Garlic delays ageinggarlic-delays-ageing

Garlic is one among seven best foods to prevent ageing. Although it is not possible to avoid it completely but with garlic you can look younger than your age.

32. Garlic can help in symptoms of warts

Garlic is an excellent herb that is used for treating many diseases since ages. But its use as a remedy to heal genital warts caused by viral infection is new and not known widely. All you need to do is get some garlic from grocery shop and make thick paste by crushing it. Apply it and leave for 1 hour on the skin area.

33. Blood thinner garlicblood-thinner-garlic

Blood-thinning medications are prescribed to reduce the formation of blood clots. These blood clots are responsible for strokes and other heart problems. Garlic is a natural product which can be used as a replacement to all these medicines.

34. Garlic beneficial for arteries

Some studies suggest that garlic is beneficial in reducing dangerous plaque buildup in arteries. But in this case you no more need to use fresh garlic cloves, rather you have to use aged garlic extract.

35. Tuberculosis and garlicgarlic for tuberculosis

Apart from killing all other bacteria and virus, garlic has the power to inhibit the growth of TB bacteria. Isn’t it amazing, such a small clove and so many health benefits!

36. Low in calories and high in nutrients

A clove of garlic can contain manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, fiber, copper, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin B1, iron, and potassium. By chewing a clove of garlic you are taking in so many essential nutrients and no harmful calories.

37. Garlic heals gangrenegarlic-for-garlic-heals-gangrene

No blood circulation followed by premature death of cells is named as gangrene. This circulation disorder can very well be managed with the help of garlic.

38. Garlic as aphrodisiac

Garlic is one of the best aphrodisiac foods you can add to your diet immediately if you want to stimulate sexual desire. It is said that garlic is the mother of all aphrodisiac foods.

garlic-for-wrinkles39. Prevents wrinkles

Wrinkles are the first visible signs of ageing, and sometimes even in late twenties you start getting those lines on your face. Garlic can rescue your face from these permanent age sign boards.

40. Garlic can deal with respiratory problems

The anti-bacterial properties of garlic facilitate in treating various respiratory issues, like throat irritations, asthma, difficulty in breathing, etc, which makes garlic a priceless and precious remedy.

41. Garlic reduces risks of cancerreduces-risks-of-cancer

Be it breast cancer, colon or stomach cancer, prostate cancer or bladder cancer, garlic is a promising treatment method for all. Although it is not advised to replace you medication with garlic, you can always use it as a helping hand to the mainstream treatment.

42. Fights toothaches

Due to the beautiful analgesic properties you can relieve yourself from the pain in your tooth. Simply apply crushed garlic paste on the acing tooth and in a few minutes the pain will be gone.

43. Garlic boosts athletic performancegarlic-boosts-athletic-performance

Garlic is used sine ages as performance enhancer. It was traditionally used in ancient cultures to reduce fatigue and enhance the work capacity of labors. Nowadays it is being used by many athletes.

44. Garlic deals with anxiety

If the feeling of unease and nervousness is not ready to leave you, start eating garlic as it can reach your brain and settle things there for you.

45. Garlic as a treatment of hemorrhoidstreatment-of-hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a swollen vein in the anal canal and while not life threatening, these veins can be very painful. You can avoid this painful condition simply by eating afew cloves of garlic in the morning.

46. Garlic in herpes

Herpes also is a kind of infection caused by the virus herpes simplex which till date has no cure but with the application of crushed garlic clove you can manage the symptoms during outbreaks. You can even decrease the frequency of outbreaks by regular consumption of raw garlic cloves.

enemy-of-cellulite47. Garlic is enemy of cellulite

No matter you have the problem of cellulite or not, adding garlic to your daily diet plan is always beneficial. But if you are fighting cellulite, you cannot afford to miss eating garlic at all.

48. Garlic for skin ailments

You can treat almost every other skin ailment either by application of raw paste of garlic clove or by eating it. In many cases the best way to use garlic is eat it to build internal effect and apply it to avail the benefits of the anti fungal effect.

49. Garlic can help you against allergiesgarlic-against-allergies

Seasonal allergies are very common and every now and then you might get them in some form. With regular intake of garlic you can strengthen you immune system against all kind of allergies.

50. Role of garlic in dementia or Alzheimer

You can protect your brain from inflammation, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well. I hope you also agree now that be it any part of your body and any type of disease, one can count of garlic easily.

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